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Former NSA Director Says AI Is A 'Double-Edged Sword' For Cybersecurity

Grand News Network | October 18, 2023

The former director of the National Security Agency, Mike Rogers, has described artificial intelligence as a “double-edged sword” in the context of government cybersecurity.

Rogers expounded on the merits and demerits of AI in a discussion hosted by news outlet Semafor, reported The Hill. While AI can enhance the government’s understanding of adversaries’ tactics, it also increases the chances of system penetrations, Rogers noted.

"It [AI] will provide us the ability to use it to generate greater knowledge about what adversaries are doing to attempt to anticipate what they will be doing. It will also increase the ability of entities to penetrate their system."

Rogers further explained that foreign adversaries could exploit the same AI tools against the U.S. government. He stressed that AI could empower both the U.S and its adversaries in cyber warfare, offensively and defensively.

"It will enable attackers to simulate, to anticipate what kind of defensive moves companies and targets are put in place," he said.

"We want to be in a position where you not only anticipate, but ...

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