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Meet NANA, The Digital Platform Guiding & Integrating Psychedelic Therapies By Argentina's Flor Bollini

Grand News Network | October 24, 2023

Original story by Lara Goldstein for El Planteo.

Florencia Bollini is the founder and CEO of NANA, a digital platform offering a pioneering solution in mental health: education on psychedelic integration and wellness guides aimed at helping people take care of and heal themselves.

NANA has raised $1 million in a first funding round and is close to adding $500,000 more. It is backed by Argentinian technology, as the company has hired Aerolab for the platform’s execution.

In conversation with El Planteo, the Argentinian nicknamed "entrepreneurial shaman" by Forbes told us that she chose the name for several reasons. One, and perhaps the most spontaneous association, is that in many cultures "nana" is the word for grandmothers. A mother figure who brings an aspect of care, affection and ancestral wisdom, Bollini says.

Nana is also the name of a priestess and one of the most powerful African deities, the degree in which Bollini was initiated in order to serve therapy with psychedelics.

As a nurturing figure, she and her team seek to accompany people through their psychoactive experiences and help them heal gently with maternal energy. This, she says, is directly related to the use of scaling doses.

Shamanism’s misogynistic turn in the last few hundred years is not only "non-representative of how it all started," it also brought to the fore a tendency to provide "heroic doses" with which people often have negative experiences, due to the difficulty of processing what arises, and thus producing the opposite effect of what they sought.

Despite that, she says women tend to need lower doses as it is best to facilitate personalized medicine. "You can't generalize anything with psychoactives," Bollini ...

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