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ArcelorMittal S.A.: ArcelorMittal announces the publication of its third quarter 2023 sell-side analyst consensus figures

Grand News Network | November 6, 2023

6 November 2023, 14:10 CET

ArcelorMittal today announces the publication of its third quarter 2023 sell-side analysts' consensus figures.

The consensus figures are based on analysts' estimates recorded on an external web-based tool provided and managed by an independent company, Visible Alpha.

To arrive at the consensus figures below, Visible Alpha has aggregated the expectations of sell-side analysts who, to the best of our knowledge, cover ArcelorMittal on a continuous basis.

The listed analysts follow ArcelorMittal on their own initiative and ArcelorMittal is not responsible for their views. ArcelorMittal is neither involved in the collection of the information nor in the compilation of the estimates.

3Q'23 consensus estimates

  • EBITDA ($m)                       $1,815
  • Net income ($m)                  $909
  • Earnings per share ($)         $1.10

Number of sell-side analyst participation: 10 brokers

The sell-side analysts who cover ArcelorMittal and whose estimates are included in the 3Q'23 group consensus outlined above are the following:

  1. Bank of America – Patrick Mann, Jason Fairclough
  2. CITI – Ephrem Ravi, Krishan Agarwal
  3. Deutsche Bank – Bastian Synagowitz
  4. Exane – Tristan Gresser
  5. Groupo Santander – Robert Jackson
  6. ING - Stijn Demeester
  7. Keybanc – Phil Gibbs
  8. Morgan Stanley – Alain Gabriel
  9. Oddo – Maxime Kogge
  10. UBS – Andrew Jones


Estimates based on Visible Alpha consensus dated 27.10.23. The disclaimer is:

The information provided by Visible Alpha cited herein is provided "as is" and "as available" without warranty of any kind. Use of any Visible Alpha data is at a user's own risk and Visible Alpha disclaims any liability for use of the Visible Alpha data. Although the information is obtained or compiled from reliable sources Visible Alpha neither can nor does guarantee or make any representation or warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, validity, sequence, timeliness, completeness or continued availability of any information or data, including third-party content, made available herein. In no event shall ...

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