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Pursuit Of Perfection: Amplitude CEO Turns Startup Into Software Giant With $1.4B Valutaion

Grand News Network | November 6, 2023

Amplitude (NASDAQ: AMPL) CEO Spenser Skates recently critiqued the well-known business adage that warns against letting ;perfect' be the enemy of 'good.' Contrary to this advice, Skates advocates for a relentless pursuit of the best possible outcome in business endeavors.

"People who settle for 'good enough' are worried about 'killing momentum' when they should be focused on fully committing to the best idea they can possibly generate," Skates told CNBC.

Perhaps that attitude benefited Amplitude, a company currently valued at $1.4 billion. But Skates' entrepreneurial path was not without its crossroads.

Voice recognition startup Sonalight, which Skates launched with colleague Curtis Liu, also saw impressive early success. The duo leveraged their technology to establish Amplitude, which they felt had a brighter future.

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