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Cover365 CEO made Bold Predictions on the Future of AI and Bitcoin Prices

Grand News Network | February 17, 2024

The recent "WHAT'S NEXT IN TECH" Tech Summit in New York witnessed a convergence of visionary entrepreneurs and industry leaders, including Harry Peter, CEO of Cover365, who made bold predictions on the future of AI and Bitcoin post-halving. Harry's insights shed light on the transformative potential of AI and crypto technologies, resonating with other prominent figures in the tech and crypto industries. Notable voices such as Henry Parker from The iBulletin, Bhuvi from KeralaNews 247, and the COO of Crypto Pulze shared their perspectives on Bitcoin's price trajectory, the emergence of AI robots, and the growth of the crypto market. The overall sentiment among participants and organizers remains bullish towards technological advancements in 2024, with expectations of revolutionary developments on the horizon. The success of the event sets the stage for future meetups, with plans for the next summit in Australia in 2025 to track the progress of these transformative predictions.

New York, February 17, 2024: The "WHAT’S NEXT IN TECH" Tech Summit event took place in New York on Saturday, February 17th, attracting numerous young entrepreneurs from around the world. Participants shared their ideas and opinions on upcoming tech innovations. Harry Peter, the CEO of the renowned Indian tech startup Cover365, delivered impressive and insightful predictions on the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bitcoin prices after the halving event.

According to Harry, AI and crypto are the two thriving sectors currently poised to revolutionize the operations of business and finance industries. AI is on a trajectory that could potentially reshape human thought processes. Leveraging these two transformative forces, Harry has confidently formulated five predictions that anticipate imminent breakthroughs in both technologies.

Future of AI

Here are the top 5 AI-related predictions made by Harry during the "WHAT'S NEXT IN TECH" event:

Cover365 CEO made Bold Predictions on the Future of AI and Bitcoin Prices
  • Andro-Humanoid robots are on the brink of realization as GPT models evolve continuously. It is anticipated that every household will soon have a robot similar to a Personal Computer.
  • AI technology is poised to assist individuals in generating revenue through activities such as stock trading and article writing.
  • AI applications like ChatGPT are expected to emerge as primary educators for students worldwide, particularly in areas lacking access to qualified teachers.
  • Advanced Andro-Humanoid robots capable of performing medical procedures with greater precision than seasoned professionals are on the horizon.
  • Certain startup companies are projected to embed their principles into AI technology, effectively appointing AI as their superior entity. This AI leader will strategize and issue directives to employees, optimizing profitability.

Future of Bitcoin Price

Cover365 CEO made Bold Predictions on the Future of AI and Bitcoin Prices

Like AI, crypto is poised to revolutionize the financial world, and here are the top 5 Bitcoin predictions made by Harry during the "WHAT'S NEXT IN TECH" event:

  • Following Bitcoin ETF approval, institutional demand for Bitcoin continues to surge daily. These investors differ from early Bitcoin whales who engage in price manipulation. Instead, generational wealth players are investing for the long term, indicating sustained demand for at least the next six months.
  • Asian countries are anticipated to begin acquiring and holding Bitcoin as reserves for their nations.
  • The US Dollar's depreciation is a growing concern, prompting major US companies to convert a portion of their cash reserves to Bitcoin in 2024.
  • Global inflation and recession are on the rise, with nearly two-thirds of Tier 1 countries experiencing recession this year. As a response, governments are likely to increase money supply significantly, triggering a substantial surge in the crypto market cap akin to the impact of the trillions printed during the COVID stimulus package.
  • Bitcoin will reach $200K this year, marking a fourfold increase from the current price. The upcoming halving in April 2024 will diminish the supply, leading to a supply shock that propels the Bitcoin price markedly higher within a shorter timeframe. With the decreasing number of Bitcoin holdings in centralized exchanges and major institutions acquiring Bitcoin through ETFs for long-term holdings, ETF providers will be compelled to purchase Bitcoin to maintain their ratios, triggering a supply shock expected in mid-2024, a few months post-halving.

What do other entrepreneurs think about these predictions?

After the event, Studio One Networks interviewed several notable figures from the tech and crypto industries to gauge their perspectives on Harry's forecasts.

The iBulletin Founder: Henry Parker, the founder of The iBulletin, expressed confidence in Bitcoin reaching $200K this year, aligning with Harry's prediction. However, he expressed uncertainty about the likelihood of a supply shock occurring within the year. Parker remarked, “We are yet to witness such an event in the crypto world where institutions are actively acquiring cryptocurrencies.”

KeralaNews 247 Founder: Bhuvi, the founder of KeralaNews 247, shared her anticipation for the imminent arrival of AI robots and expressed eagerness to acquire one to assist in providing insights for critical business decisions.

Crypto Pulze Founder: The COO of Crypto Pulze conveyed his strong belief that Bitcoin will experience significant growth this year. He predicts that the total crypto market cap will surpass $4 trillion by 2025. Additionally, he foresees numerous altcoins creating millionaires and enabling individuals to establish generational wealth.

Following the event, the organizers of the "WHAT'S NEXT IN TECH" Summit issued a statement: “The prevailing sentiment towards both AI and crypto technologies remains optimistic for this year. Anticipate groundbreaking innovations in the coming months. We look forward to reconvening in 2025 to assess the accuracy of these predictions. The next meetup is scheduled to be held in Australia, with dates to be announced in December 2024.”

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