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MAYS GEMS Expands into the USA, Broadening Access to Burmese Gemstone Jewelry

Grand News Network | March 12, 2024

MAYS GEMS now offers authentic Burmese jade jewelry, transparent pricing, and swift, complimentary shipping to the United States.

San Diego, California, United States, 12th Mar 2024 - MAYS GEMS, a company with deep roots in sourcing and selling exquisite gemstone jewelry from Myanmar, has expanded its reach with the launch of its dedicated website for the US market, mays.us. This strategic move is designed to meet the growing demand from American customers for high-quality jade jewelry and other gemstone pieces. With the promise of fast and free shipping through premium couriers, MAYS GEMS aims to make its unique collection of Burmese gemstones more accessible to consumers across the United States.

Established in 1992 within the bustling Bogyoke Market in Myanmar, MAYS GEMS has evolved from a local store into a recognized name in the gemstone jewelry market. The company's growth journey has been guided by Wai Yan, a certified gemologist from the Gemological Association of Australia, who has played a critical role in maintaining the brand's focus on quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction.

The US website launch reflects the company's response to the palpable interest from thousands of satisfied customers in the United States. MAYS GEMS' jade bracelets and other jade jewelry offerings have particularly captured the attention of the American market. The brand's competitive pricing strategy, offering reasonable rates without compromising quality, has helped attract customers who value affordability and authenticity.

As a gemologist-operated enterprise specializing in Jadeite Jade and other natural gemstones, MAYS GEMS ensures that every piece in its collection meets strict quality and authenticity standards. 

With mays.us, MAYS GEMS provides a platform tailored to the preferences of US customers, featuring a wide array of jade bracelets, pendants, bangles, and more. Each item showcases the beauty and heritage of Burmese gemstones. Beyond jade, the company also offers an assortment of other gemstones, including Burmese Ruby, Spinel, and Sapphire, sourced from renowned gem-bearing regions worldwide.

While the US website serves as a new gateway for American consumers, MAYS GEMS continues to honor its Australian roots. The Melbourne store remains a vital part of the business, ensuring that customers in Australia continue to enjoy access to the brand's high-quality gemstone jewelry.

Through this expansion, MAYS GEMS aims to provide consumers in the United States with an enhanced jewelry shopping experience, offering a collection that blends beauty, quality, and authenticity. The launch of mays.us marks a significant step in the brand's ongoing effort to bring the allure of Burmese gemstones to a broader audience.

Customers in the USA can visit https://mays.us/

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About Company:

MAYS GEMS, established in 1992, specializes in sourcing and selling high-quality gemstone jewelry from Myanmar. The company is committed to authenticity and customer satisfaction, bringing rare and exquisite gemstones to the global market.

Learn more at: https://mays.com.au/pages/about-maysgems

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