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Ekilibrio introduces $LUCAX: The new option in the era of ETF and Bitcoin Halving

Grand News Network | March 13, 2024

Ekilibrio introduces $LUCAX: The new option in the era of ETF and Bitcoin Halving

Venezuela, 13th Mar 2024, King NewsWire - In a context of economic, social and political crisis, millions of people in Latin America face problems accessing credit, savings and investment. Bureaucratic processes, high interest rates, instability of local currencies and government manipulation hinder the development of personal, business and community projects. In addition, many of these projects have a social and environmental component that is not valued by the traditional financial system.

On March 7, 2024, the Ekilibrio Tech Foundation, led by CEO Daniel Grosso, held an event at the Caracas Business Center, in the capital of Venezuela, after running successful businesses of Tourism, Entertainment and Real State in the city of Puerto Ordaz. Daniel Grosso presented an innovative, disruptive and ambitious project: $LUCAX, a Smart DeFi Token that gives life to the Project and creates a Decentralized Finance ecosystem that offers multiple services and benefits for users, while contributing to the fight against child malnutrition in Latin America.

The event was attended by more than 100 people, including enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and investors, who were interested in knowing the value proposition of $LUCAX and its potential economic impact. They explained the origin, the vision of the project, as well as the most outstanding features and functionalities.

Among the differences and the most notable characteristics of the project?

“ $LUCAX is a Hyper-deflationary token with veTokenomics and Low Taxes, that a portion will be distributed to support the Liquidity Fund Swapper, which will be the Mechanism of the Stability Fund.

The Lucax Token will be paired with Crypto Peso "USDP" which is a next generation token like the early SubDAO from $LUCAX Protocol that will revolutionize the ecosystem thanks to Internal Market Maker mechanisms that generate friction with volatility, which will accelerate the growth of the LUCAX liquidity pool.



  1. Deflationary Trade Burning: Automatically burns 0.6% on sale and 0.3% on purchase from transaction volume.
  2. LP Enters Permanent Black Hole: Accrues a 1% tax in the contract. Once it reaches a threshold, half converts to $BNB, and adds 50/50 to the Liquidity Pool. The receipts (LPs) are directly burned, with permits discarded.
  3. Rebalance Liquidity Pool Mechanism: A unique Automatic self-burning mechanism gradually reduces burning the $lucax token from the Liquidity Pool, generating scarcity  on pancakeswap and the price is increased proportionally. ????



Ekilibrio introduces $LUCAX: The new option in the era of ETF and Bitcoin Halving
Ekilibrio introduces $LUCAX: The new option in the era of ETF and Bitcoin Halving

the CEO commented on the benefits of the Results and Rewards We Can Expect

  • High Returns from 144% to 500% with Maxi Staking Vaul
  • Royalty from SubDAOs Incubations
  • Royalty from NFTs Card
  • Royalty From Digital Investments and Asset Tokenization
  • Referrals  Rewards Program
  • Ambassador Rewards Program
  • Airdrop for early entry into the community

 “In a bold and disruptive move, $LUCAX enters the scene to transform the landscape of decentralized finance and compete head-to-head with the giants of the DeFi market” .

The Clash with the DeFi Market: A Bold Move

The realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) has long been dominated by projects offering partial and limited solutions, often overlooking the genuine needs of users and communities. However, with the emergence of $LUCAX, a new contender steps into the ring, poised to challenge the status quo. While existing projects have shaped the market, $LUCAX’s innovative features and commitment to financial and social inclusion set the stage for an exciting battle.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Decentralized Finance

As $LUCAX strides onto the global stage, it’s evident that the landscape of DeFi is evolving. The competition between $LUCAX and other projects signifies a shift in priorities—from individual profit to collective impact. This clash of visions will likely lead to fresh breakthroughs on both sides as they vie for the attention and loyalty of users worldwide.

“The Rising Star in the Era of Bitcoin ETFs and Halving”

As Bitcoin ETFs emerge and the halving event looms, Lucax Smart Defi Token boldly takes center stage. Its disruptive presence challenges norms and promises a financial revolution. Could this be the beginning of a new Cryptocurrency Gem? 


WEB SITE-> https://lucax.cc/ 

TWITTER -> https://twitter.com/Lucax_Finance 

TELEGRAM -> https://web.telegram.org/a/#-1001470319163 




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